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Name of land – location of land

Current projects and overall premise of land.

Contact information including email address or phone number.

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One response to “AZ

  1. Awanesa is the name of our 40 acres near Ash Fork, Az. We are 20 miles from any services. Right now the only thing on the land is a 28 foot travel trailer that has been taken over by rodents. I am breaking ground in the spring and hope to be able to comfortably overwinter this year. I attended a Sheltership course at Quail Springs Permaculture Institute last spring. Our goal so to build an off grid community and create self sustainability. I envision a food forest passively irrigated with key line plowing, all types of natural building using as much repurposed materials as possible. We will be starting with establishing a comfortable base camp with a composting toilet, shower area, camp kitchen, etc. Contact me if there is interest in helping. My personal goal is to get established so I can travel to help others with the same goal.

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